• ABI E-Commerce Platform
  • The new concept blockchain platform for use real life with fast, secure system
  • ABI Digital Money CryptoCurrency Reliable, trusted, accepted everywhere.
  • ABI Cloud Pool Mining
  • ABI SMART WALLET - Smart Wallet technology, trade the value of coins with full-duplex

ABI Digital CryptoCurrency

ABI Money ($ABI), the cryptocurrency based 4th blockchain technology, pursues ultimate reality world with flexible block size, fast transaction, and solid security. ABI Money is ready for construct all trading ecosystem processing in real life.

It is important to realize very complex and exquisite technology for process massive transaction at once. With the technology of ABI Money and its blockchain,

We are ready for improve the value of ABI Money via make the ecosystem of the whole city with ABI blockchain.

ABI Technology

Based on each country 's logistics base and joint cooperation amongst Germany, we plan to establish a wholesome bridgehead in Europe and have the following goals.

Safe & Secure

ABI Money is safest transaction and secure system handling by who are masters on it.


The board of blockchain is collapsed. We can experience all trades in the blockchain world, already doing in real life

ABI Smart Wallet

In the application, ABI has main 7 functions (cancel, delay, reserve, and soon) and additional functions (add to favorites, add nicknames, etc).


ABI fortifies strong points and overcomes weak points from previous proof methods(such as POW or POS based proof method).

Super Node

The variable node, based AI algorithm, that can include various blockchain platform.

7 Platform Function

ABI has main 7 functions, Based on its functions, ABI is available to easy trading.

ABI Shopping E-Mall

The E-Virtual Merchant Online.

We offer 3 type of income for our member on daily basis income, monthly income and mining income. So strongly do we believe in the value of professional advice, we offer our funds through financial advisors.

ABI Blockchain Distribute Profits Trader Automatically use real life with fast, secure system